Everyone at Franktuary wishes you a very happy Thanksgiving. We will be closed Thursday and Friday of this week, and will resume our regular hours on Monday November 29.

Since we won’t be feeding you over the holiday, here’s some food for thought instead. Every year Pittsburgh Magazine announces the winners of “40 Under 40”. These are folks, under 40 years of age, who are making noteworthy contributions to the Pittsburgh region. As you might have guessed, 40 people are honored annually.

All well and good, but the concept might be growing stale. After all, every year only a very small percentage of the total group of candidates transition from one side of 40 to the other. Wouldn’t it be invigorating if next year the magazine transitioned to “1 Under 1”?? Then you’d have a bunch of crazy new mothers competing to prove that they birthed the “Baby of the Year”. The extracurricular activities would start in the womb.

If my advice is taken, the worn out “40 Under 40” concept transforms from regional-magazine-tradition to national-television-reality-based-TV-series-potential overnight. And if the ratings tank, Pittsburgh can give “80 Over 80” a shot in 2012.

Or then again, maybe we should all just be thankful for the great people in our lives, personally make sure they know they’re appreciated, and let that be enough.