Catch the Penguins and Olympic hockey at Franktuary on select evenings during the remainder of the 2013-2014 season!  Many nights feature a bonus late game.  Answer hockey trivia questions between periods for the chance to win free poutine. Games will be played in high definition on our 45 inch by 80 inch screen.

Wednesday 11/27, 7:30 pm vs Toroto Maple Leafs
LATE GAME: 10:30 pm Los Angeles Kings vs San Jose Sharks
Saturday 12/7, 7 pm vs Bruins
LATE GAME: 10:30 pm New York Islanders vs Los Angeles Kings
Saturday 12/14, 7 pm vs Detroit Red Wings
LATE GAME: 10 pm Boston Bruins vs Vancouver Canucks
Wednesday 12/18, 8 pm vs New York Rangers
Friday 12/27, 7 pm vs Carolina Hurricanes
LATE GAME: 9 pm San Jose Sharks vs Phoenix Coyotes
Friday 1/03, 7 pm vs New York Rangers
LATE GAME: 9 pm Tampa Bay Lightning vs Calgary Flames
Tuesday 1/07, 10 pm vs Vancouver Canucks
Friday 1/10, 10 pm vs Edmonton Oilers
Saturday 1/11, 10 pm vs Calgary Flames
Wednesday 1/15, 8 pm vs Washington Capitals
LATE GAME: 10:30 pm Vancouver Canucks vs Anaheim Ducks
Wednesday 1/22, 7 pm vs Montreal Canadiens
LATE GAME: 9:30 pm Phoenix Coyotes vs Calgary Flames
Wednesday 2/05, 7:30 pm vs Buffalo Sabres
LATE GAME: 10 pm Chicago Blackhawks vs Anaheim Ducks


Saturday 3/01, 8 pm vs Chicago Blackhawks
LATE GAME: 10 pm Calgary Flames vs Edmonton Oilers
Thursday 3/06, 10:30 pm vs San Jose Sharks
Friday 3/07, 10 pm vs Anaheim Ducks
Friday 3/28, 7 pm vs Columbus Blue Jackets
LATE GAME: 9 pm New York Rangers vs Calgary Flames
Saturday 4/5, 8 pm vs Minnesota Wild
LATE GAME: 10:30 pm Nashville Predators vs San Jose Sharks
Wednesday 4/9, 8 pm vs Detroit Red Wings
LATE GAME: 10 pm Los Angeles Kings vs Calgary Flames