Here are some guidelines about events for which you can request the truck:

1. Pre-paid Catering: Just like ordering a sandwich ring from your
favorite sub shop, except it’s hot dogs and it drives straight onto
your property! We customize the menu for your preferences and head
count. If your event location has electricity, specifically 2 outdoor
outlets, we will not have to run our noisy generator.

Great for: movie sets, company picnics, private parties (especially if
you have a POOL we can use afterward!), weddings, employee

2. Vending Lunch Visit: So you don’t want to pre-pay but you think you
can bring a crowd? We’ll try just about anywhere at least once.
Within the city, we need $250 in sales in the first hour to consider
making a return visit. If you will hang up posters announcing our
arrival, have access to inter-office email lists, or are just plain
really popular, we’ll take your word for it! Currently available
Mondays, Wednesdays, and some Fridays.

Great for: isolated business parks, warehouse complexes, company
parking lots, neighborhood events

3. Community Event: Know about a cool event or fundraiser we should
attend? Send the details our way. Some events have regulations or
contracts with other food vendors, but if we can make it we’ll be

Examples: Gallery Crawl, Penn Ave’s First Fridays, JLP’s Touch A
Truck, Animal Friends’ Bark In The Park

General Information:

– Truck Dimensions: 16′ long, 12′ high, fits into a regular parking
spot with a bit of overhang
– Electricity: 2 80′ extension cords running to your 2 power outlets
OR gasoline generator (noisy!)
– Menu: general menu on our blog or we’ll work with you
– Contact:, Twitter: @franktuary