You’ve heard it before. Franktuary has a food truck. But maybe you don’t believe it. After all, said food truck has been hard to find since it arrived in Pittsburgh about a year ago.

Well, all that is about to change. This weekend our truck is relaunching. Since we last made that claim in January we’ve installed a remanufactured diesel engine and overhauled the propane system. Just to be safe, I’m taking the truck out for a final tuneup –with a professional— tomorrow afternoon.

Really, what’s left to go wrong??? Please don’t answer that. Instead, come buy our food. Here’s how to do that:

This Saturday, April 2, we’ll be serving from our home base, the parking lot behind Hot Metal Bridge Faith Community (2700 Jane Street), from approximately 10 am to 2 pm. If I’m not mistaken, inside HMBFC artists will be displaying and selling their work. In other words, all that’s missing is you.

Anyway, we’ll actually be vending from the Hot Metal parking lot the next few Saturdays, and as the weather becomes more seasonable we intend to operate from that lot most days of the week. Of course, we’ll still take the truck out on the town as opportunities arise. Stay tuned right here for schedule updates.

Want to see our truck at your event? Want to give it a nickname? Want to share your most intimate frankfurter-centric thoughts? Call 412-475-9846 or drop a note to emailus [at] franktuary [dot] com. Follow Franktuary on Twitter for real time truck updates.