A primary reason I love being an entrepreneur is that my life regularly involves the bizarre and the unpredictable. For example, the homeless man who tried to tell me that he owned the place. Also, I get to observe the best and worst of human and organizational (think “IRS”) behavior. I typically share these vignettes on our Twitter account, so you should follow us if that’s your thing. But this one is too lengthy.

A letter from XYZ Insurance Company, with whom we have had an account for five years:

“Dear Insured:

Your Policy with XYZ Insurance Company is due to expire at the end of October. In order to comply with the rules of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, we must notify you of a possible increase of premium upon renewal. Inasmuch as we have not yet determined your renewal premium, this does not necessarily mean an increase will be made.

If you have any questions concerning this matter, please contact your insurance broker.

XYZ Representative”

Thank God the Commonwealth has a rule in place that compels our insurance company to send us letters that are entirely devoid of any useful information whatsoever. Your tax dollars at work, people!

At the very least, they put to good use the word “inasmuch”. Inasmuch as I learned absolutely nothing from this piece of mail, I am now going to recycle it.