Ever have one of those days where you’re minding your own business and a new born squirrel just falls through your bedroom wall? Well, I have.

On Thursday of last week my housemate’s dog took a particular interest in one corner of my bedroom. Before I knew what was happening some empty cardboard boxes I had stored in the corner were displaced and I was hearing an odd whimpering sound in the corner.

As I approached to investigate I saw a hairless thing shuffle under an extra floor board that was propped against the wall. It was obvious the thing was doing this to get away from me and the dog.

First I was confused, then I realized whatever I saw was an infant. Then it occurred to me that it was already the size of many full-grown rodents. Finally, I came to the conclusion that it must be a baby squirrel. This made sense because my bedroom is on the third floor and squirrels hang out in trees and on roofs. The dog had likely made a small hole in the wall larger and in the process knocked out the bedding of a squirrel nest, also ejecting one of the kits.

It’s funny. I thought the creature was ugly and scary when I initially didn’t recognize it. Then, when I realized what it was, I found it to be cute and I was full of compassion for it. I think that says something about human nature; we instinctively fear things that seem strange to us, but often find there is nothing to be afraid of when we take the time to familiarize ourselves with what is at first foreign.

Anyway, I got the dog out of the way and scooped up the squirrel while wearing some gloves. It was so frightened. Its eyes were not yet open. I have no idea how it crawled as far as it did.

I put the squirrel back in the wall and covered up the hole, with the hope that this would enable the kit to reunite with its mother.

The next day my housemates arranged to have someone spray a non-toxic squirrel repellant around my room as well as the outside of the house. Theoretically the entire squirrel family has now moved on, but I may never know if that actually occurred.

And now I’m kind of obsessed with baby squirrels. Google “baby squirrel” or “infant squirrel” and you’ll understand.

I literally had a dream about only wearing shirts with chest pockets so that I could carry an infant squirrel with me at all times the night after this incident occurred. The next day, in my real life, I went to Staples and noticed peanuts in the snack isle. I started daydreaming about how it would be fun to have a squirrel hanging out on my shoulder. I would toss him peanuts. Peanuts that I bought at Staples.

So, if any of you want to bring a well behaved pet squirrel into my restaurant it’s okay with me, although the health department does not share my opinion!