It’s official guys. Due to an ongoing legal dispute with a restaurant in Miami, FL, Hot D***a is changing its name to Franktuary. The change will be completed over the next few months. Once this entire ordeal is behind us, I hope to make regular updates to this blog once again. In the immediate future, please be advised that our website will be changing addresses to When you visit this domain address you will be redirected there. Thanks for sticking with us!

Now for something truly interesting.

A customer of ours who has been homeless for over 25 years has just moved into his own place! He has nor has ever had any sort of substance abuse problem and is thrilled to be off the streets. The social worker who has been helping him credits his time spent in our store with being a key piece to his successful socialization. It’s just a really cool story. So, if you visit Hot D***a and wonder where the guy with the white beard who always used to sit in the corner is, know that he’s doing very well. In fact, I paid him a visit last night.