Today, as is 20th of every month, is the day that sales tax is due if you are a business. Happy Holidays!

Of course, today also happens to be the day that the city of Pittsburgh was awarded it’s single slots license by the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board. The plan that would have provided a brand new arena for the city at no cost to the public was turned down, which, in my opinion, is really a shame. Count both Mario Lemieux and I as never having heard of a city turning down $300 million in private funding for a public facility… that is until today.

It’s a mystery to me, but hopefully things will work out for the best. As far as I can tell the fine people of this city will probably be paying higher taxes in the near future so a new arena can be built or there won’t be a new arena at all. Neither of those scenarios sound particularly appealing, but what can you do? It’s not as if we ever were given a chance to vote on this issue.

While a new arena isn’t essential, there is no doubt that it would benefit the city– not just the city’s hockey fans. I’m not so certain the pros outweigh the cons of having a casino– especially one that will be built next to the Carnegie Science Center where so many impressionable children visit on a regular basis. Time will tell, but until I’m proved wrong, I have to give the people behind this decision a big sarcastic “Way to GO!”

So, if the next time you visit Franktuary, a combo costs $4.32 instead of $4.28, remember we didn’t raise our prices, it was your brilliant government officials.