Goodness gracious, I love Jamaica. Actually, I’ve never been to Jamaica, except possibly Jamaica, Queens.

What I really do love are the kids from CAPA High School. Why? Because a significant contingent of the CAPA student body has become Franktuary regulars.

Aside from that, the school is a magnet performing arts public high school located downtown, on Fort Duquesne Boulevard.

I tell you this factoid because right now CAPA is in the midst of its annual all-school musical. I saw it last weekend. It’s “The Secret Garden” and I’m here to vouch that it has a higher production value than the average high school musical.

There are performances tonight through Saturday at 8 pm, as well as a matinee and an additional evening performance on Sunday. Tickets are $10, unless you’re special. If you go see it you’ll actually be supporting Franktuary, indirectly.