The other night I went to see my friend Hannah in Schenley High School’s production of Grease.
I noticed in the program that one of the girls in the show’s chorus is named Julia Flowers.

This girl is really named Julia Flowers! It sounds like the ultimate stage name to me, but she is apparently an all-natural Julia Flowers!

Anyway, it just so happened that I attended the show with two other friends and each of us had a flower made of tissue paper and fuzzy wire to give to Hannah after the performance.

After the show I wanted nothing more than to find Julia Flowers and say, “Julia Flowers, I presume. A flower for Ms. Flowers.” I explained all this to Hannah because I didn’t know what Julia looked like. Alas, we never found her.

The show still has performances this Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. I recommend attending, and by all means, if you see our mysterious friend Julia, give her a flower.