Well, you asked for them. So here they are, the cold hard facts. Hot D***a will be closed this Thursday and Friday. Tomorrow, Wednesday, I reserve the right to close early. Happy Thanksgiving!

Since today is all about business, let me tell you some other things. Hot D***a is now listed on epinions.com. Follow this link and let people know that you like us!

Tune into KDKA, 1020 AM on your radio dial, this Saturday between 8 am and 9 am, or Sunday between 1 pm and 2 pm, and hear yours truly talk to Lisa Alexander about, you guessed it, Hot D***a, Three Nails, and life in general. Okay, you got me, maybe I won’t speak about life in general. However, if you would like to speak to me about life in general sometime soon, you know where to find me. If you’re outside of Pittsburgh, you can still check out my interview by visiting www.kdkaradio.com.