Recently the Pittsburgh Film Office contacted Franktuary to ask us to support its quest to keep the Pennsylvania Film Tax Credit incentive program alive. As a company that has benefited from the film industry’s presence in the ‘Burgh we were happy to oblige. Below is a copy of a letter recently sent to our local politicians. If you agree with our sentiments, please contact your own representatives!

Dear Senator Fontana, Representative Wheatly, and Governor Corbett:

We are writing to express our wholehearted support of the Pennsylvania Film Tax Credit incentive program. In its fourth year, the program has been a tremendous success.

Responsible government leaders should always look for ways to reduce public expenses. However, the elimination of the Pennsylvania Film Tax Credit will do nothing to reduce public expenses while creating less taxable revenue from businesses across the state, including Franktuary. Thanks to the prescient planning of our state government, the program has proven to be the rare profitable endeavor that benefits both private and public entities alike. Opting to eliminate it can only be described as a foolish decision with detrimental implications for all of Pennsylvania’s residents.

Since the inception of the credits, over $280 million has been spent in our region and over $300 million statewide. Critics argue that the credits cost Pennsylvania $75 million in revenue since films will come here with or without tax incentives. This argument is based on false assumptions made by individuals who cling to a flawed economic theory, repeatedly disproved throughout history. Film production is attracted to Pennsylvania because of the tax incentive program. Its success has brought over $500 million into the Commonwealth from outside companies. Far from creating a perceived loss of revenue as detractors imply, it has spurred the economy through the hiring of Pennsylvania-based businesses and contractors while generating tax revenue for the state. As a restaurant that has had the privilege of catering several movie sets, the people of Franktuary personally attest to the benefits this program offers to local small businesses. Furthermore, Franktuary has had specific conversations with film producers who have stated they would not be in our region were it not for the tax credit program.

While this program benefits big names in Hollywood, it is also clearly a boon for our commonwealth through the jobs, income, and positive exposure it creates. Specifically, these tax credits are important to the livelihood of all involved with Franktuary. Please be aware that a vote for their elimination will guarantee you the loss of our support in all future elections with which you may be involved. Thank you for your continued service to the people of Pennsylvania.

Team Franktuary