You know, back in high school I really didn’t grasp the challenge of earning a living. Let me tell you about this job I had during my junior year. I worked at an extremely posh decorative interior store with my friend Jamie Burgmeyer. What a job it was. We mostly did things like polish silver, master the art of measuring yards of fabric using only our bodies, shoot the breeze with our very colorful full-time co-workers, and learn how to tie fancy bows around things like pillows. Gee w(h)illikers, the things I wouldn’t know today if I hadn’t spent time at La Jolie Maison.

When we landed the job we weren’t even looking for it. We were standing on a downtown corner waiting for one of our parents to pick us up, because, what can I say, we were exceptionally cool high school students. The reason we were in my hometown’s shopping district was because we were reviewing pizza places for our student newspaper, “The Tower.” We, along with another friend, wrote a “regular” column called “The Food Forum.” I place “regular” in quotations because during my freshman year of high school, “The Tower” came out on a weekly basis. Between my sophomore and senior years the prolific editing team for this fine publication produced roughly four installments. In that time I think the Food Forum appeared three times.

So, all that is to say, it wasn’t everyday that I hung out on a street corner in downtown Summit, NJ. As we waited for our ride, we heard a drawling female voice behind us query “How would you boys like to work for me?”

To be continued