Today I arrived at work and was told “Larry is afraid that he ate a poisoned rat.” Larry is a janitor at Trinity Cathedral. Sounds terrible, doesn’t it? Turns out I wasn’t given some crucial information.

Yesterday I went to Popeye’s for dinner. For me Popeye’s is a pick-me-up the way going to the woods is a pick-me-up for some people. You know, there are folks who feel the need to connect with nature every once in a while in order to maintain a proper perspective and healthy mindset. I feel exactly that way about connecting with spicy fried chicken, buttermilk biscuits, and mashed potatoes with cajun gravy. It helps me maintain balance and inner-peace.

This particular Popeye’s is great because it sits next to a Kentucky Fried Chicken. I like to order my food “to go” and then eat in my car, facing the KFC drive-through. I don’t hate KFC, but no doubt about it, Popeye’s is the superior option. I chuckle as I eat my chicken because, those people across the way, they’ve come so close but yet so far.