Thanks to those of you who came out in 16 degree weather to help us test new truck recipes last Tuesday. For those of you who missed out on soup, chili, poutine, and more, you have another chance this Monday, December 20, at noon.  If you’re one of the first fifteen people to show up, your lunch is on us!

The truck is permanently parked at 2700 Jane Street on the South Side – that’s the rear parking lot of Hot Metal Bridge Faith Community church – while we raise money to purchase a new engine.  Any tips collected will help us put the truck back on the road!

We hope to open for business in mid-January, so South Siders, get ready!


Beef Chili

– 12 oz bowl…$5
– over fries…$7
– add cheese…+$.75

Vegetarian Soup of the Day: BLACK BEAN ROASTED RED PEPPER

– 12 oz bowl…$4.50
– over fries…$6.50
– add cheese…+$.75

All-Beef Franks

– Texan: chili, cheese, jalapenos…$4
– New Yorker: kraut, onion sauce, brown mustard…$4

Carrot Dog

– with Secret Sauce…$3.50
– New Yorker: kraut, onion sauce, brown mustard…$4

Penguin Poutine – Quebec fries topped with cheese curds and brown gravy

– Large…$7.50
– Small…$4.50

Hot Punch of the Day: HONEY CRANBERRY SPICE – Bring your own mug, get $.25 OFF!
– 12 oz…$3