Hi folks, we have a lenten special I should tell you about. To be honest, I don’t have a clue why some people feel it’s important not to eat meat during lent or, for that matter, why they think eating fish on Fridays is more worthwhile than eating anything else.

In any case, people do feel that way, and, despite disagreeing with them, I respect their sentiments. Besides that, Pittsburgh is not a place that appreciates having its traditions questioned by outsiders. Nonetheless, as a hot dog shoppe in a city that goes cod-crazy for six weeks, we find ourselves in a dilemma.

You see, with the cooking equipment we have, preparing fish (purchased for cash) in our restaurant is a very difficult process.

Fear not! We’ve decked our veggie dog out in tartar sauce and, my goodness, it is delicious. Best veggie dog I’ve ever had, in fact. It’s most definitely meat-free, and with tartar sauce on top it has a distinctly fishy appeal.

Personally, I think we should give each of you a thumbtack with every purchase you make over the next six weeks and make you promise to bring it back. That way we could say we lent it to you. That would be special.