I’ve been seeing a lot of these commercials lately. You know the ones. They say great things in the beginning like “Life takes talent. Life takes passion. Life takes luck.” As they claim these things they have funny corresponding visuals. A guy balancing a stack of full coffee cups in his arms or a little girl jumping in puddles. That sort of thing. It’s all very poignant.

Then, out of nowhere, they hit you with “Life takes Visa.”

Well, I disagree about that. They might as well just come out and say “life takes debt.” While it may be true that in our culture to get through school or purchase a home one often needs to borrow money, it’s also clear that those types of things are most certainly not what these commercials are all about.

These commercials do not care about your shelter or your education. These commercials care about telling you that you’re entitled to whatever you want whenever you want it, and that Visa makes it happen. These commercials want you to believe that if you don’t have credit card debt you’re missing out on one of life’s truly worthwhile and natural experiences.

Essentially, this advertisement is a test where the proctor lulls you into a stupor and then hopes you select the wrong answer.

Seriously, which item isn’t an inevitable part of the universal human experience?
A) Talent (or lack of it).
B) Passion.
C) Luck.
D) A Visa Card.
E) None of the above.

You tell me.

Sweden, by the way, won the gold medal. I’ve heard they eat their franks with shrimp and mayonnaise up there. I might have to give that a try…