Have I ever told you I’m a lefty? I have three roommates, and it turns out they’re all lefty too. That’s definitely not normal, which is completely normal for me.

Well, I’ve bit the bullet, friends. I’ve started my own “MySpace” page. Megan, my business partner, has had one representing Hot D***a for a long time. I’ve never had much interest in it. But, that’s changed. In the past month so many people I know have been talking about “MySpace.” I’m on the bandwagon now.

The most exciting thing is that I’ve found Jed Ortmeyer, fourth line winger for the New York Rangers, on MySpace. I’m still waiting to hear if he’ll be my friend. No offense to Jed, but in my mind he’s much more famous than he is in reality. Because of that I like my chances!

You can be my friend (officially) by creating your own profile and visiting, www.myspace.com/timisnotjoking. If you don’t want to do that, well, we can still be friends. We’ll keep it on the down-low. You’ll be in good company, too, because Hot D***a has yet to approve me as its/her friend (officially)!