It really irks me that during a time of peace the Federal government can just come in and shut down a city while keeping its residents in the dark. I don’t know that Pittsburghers should have a say in the planning of the event, but they should at least know what the plan is! I mean maybe we’re valuing the people participating in the Summit just a bit too much. The people who live in the city deserve better. Seems out of line to me!

Check out this link and you’ll see what I mean.

Then, on the other side, there are G-20 protestors currently advertising in the City Paper. Said activists depict a guy in a business suit eating a burning, bleeding globe with a fork and knife.

Talk about feeling stuck in the middle. An event that should be great for small-scale capitalists in the city of Pittsburgh is drawing total hatred from one extreme, and completely paralyzing fear from the other. And as usual, the little guy has to put up a scrappy fight just to survive. Geez.