Well, it’s good to be whole again here at Franktuary. Of course, it’s snowing so things haven’t been nearly as busy as earlier in the week when we were halved.

Anyway, a woman just walked by my store, indoors, with a large shopping cart. How disjointed. That’s neither here nor there, but I kid you not.

So how ’bout those Penguins, staying in Pittsburgh. Woohoo!

And finally, you should know that my “rotten apple” is back in the shop. Updates to this blog may be sporadic over the next few days. Kidding aside, the guy at the Apple Store was great last night. I’m getting a new CD drive with 10 days to spare on my warranty. I’m pretty excited about that. In the world of customer service it’s the individual you deal with directly that makes more of a difference than the actual company he works for.