Seriously people, it’s a great place to be, especially if you buy lunch.  I promise you this.  Franktuary smells much better than Zuccotti Park in lower Manhattan currently does.  Hands down, it’s a better hangout.  Plus, at the risk of being presumptuous, when you support a business that operates in a manner of which you approve, you’re definitively taking part in change for the better.

If you ask me, choosing to support businesses that get things right is a much better plan than hanging out on a corner and demanding that other people make changes to improve your life.  While I sympathize with some of what Occupy Wall Street stands for, I think the protestors have a strategy made up of a whole lot more madness than method.

So, start your own movement!  Support a business that stands for something you believe in.  It need not be Franktuary, but I’ll certainly like you more if it is!  Or take it a step further.  Get crazy and start a business of your own.  Good luck with the paperwork!