So, back in 2003, I was a senior in college with an idea. At my alma mater, there is an organization known as the Student Government Association, or S.G.A. for short.

The S.G.A., in my opinion, is for the most part a useless organization. One of the most impactful things the S.G.A accomplished during my college career was to consistently give the student body little pieces of chocolate on the days of final exams.

I like chocolate more than most, but when elected officers exist, among other things, for the sake of mass cocoa distribution during times of stress and self-recognition I’m not so sure I like to be governed.

Said chocolate would typically be a Hershey’s Kiss, and arrive in one’s student mailbox attached to a note card with a formulaic message that would be comprised as follows:
**Generic sweet and cheery Bible verse**
**Text similar to “Good luck on your exam!”**
**Line of acknowledgement such as “Brought to you by S.G.A.”

Shortly after receiving one of these note cards the idea was born.

My roommate and I bought a lot of anchovies and spent a week drying them out on the rafters of our dorm room. The smell was quite something. I don’t think our neigbors were all that pleased, but nonetheless, we persevered.

Once the anchovies were dry we put them in small envelopes, along with a note card that read:
“Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men – Matthew 4:19”
“Good luck on your exams.”
“Brought to you by S.G.A. (Students Giving Anchovies)”

For the next week people were perplexed. Perhaps it was my finest academic hour.