Repeal Day, Repeal Day
give a happy squeal day
raise your coupe and holler a cheer
or clink your hoppy, tasty beer
it only comes but once a year:
Repeal Day now is here

We celebrate on December 5ths
the end of temperance-era myths:
that drinking leads to poverty
that beer and wine could never be
a fine addition to a meal
cogs in the culinary wheel

So toast the end of Prohibition
craft brewers and their intuition
gin from good distilleries
aged oak bourbons if you please
negronis stirred and piscos shaken
whatever drink the barmaid’s makin’

You might have a little whisky
or if you are feeling frisky
squeeze fresh citrus in your spirit
shaken hard so all can hear it
cream is nice or how about egg white
just make sure that egg was frothed right

Free to imbibe some punchy booze
or any six pack that you choose
stop by your local pub or dive bar
but take the bus, please no drive car
’cause there’s no ban on fermentation
since Amendment 21 revived our dry nation