I’m not sure this is appropriate to share with the world, but I’m throwing caution to the wind.

I have an injury of a personal nature. No sense beating around the bush.

For about the past two years I have had a sore left groin. It comes and goes. Occasionally I get up from a seat and nearly fall over because my leg isn’t being supported in the aforementioned personal region. Then, after a few steps, I’m good to go.

The pain has come back with a vengeance of late, which causes me to think somehow it is exacerbated by warm weather. Yesterday it was raining and, as I attempted to run to my vehicle, I was dismayed to discover that the best I could muster was a “funky gallop.”

Why am I sharing this problem with you, in this space? Simply because I know not what else to do.

I originally strained the area in 2005. I seemed to recover within weeks. However, the problem mysteriously resurfaced in the spring of 2006 and has decided to linger. I have no idea what triggers this aggravation. At times I play games like hockey or ultimate frisbee, but I have done no such thing in over 6 months. Given that, I can only assume standing a lot is partially responsible for my dilemma.

I can’t very well serve frankfurters in a prone position, now, can I? Nosiree.

So, reader, I seek advice from you. Help me help you receive food more quickly. After all, your input could lead directly to the rejuvenation of my nether region.