I did. It’s true.

But, check out our events page… it’s actually been updated.

After a year of wondering if it would ever happen we finally had a food critic write an article about Hot D***a. We’ve been fortunate to be in the news quite a bit in our first year, but oddly enough no one seemed interested in reviewing our food. Until yesterday that is. The article, which was very positive, came out in Thursday’s Tribune-Review. Check it out.

Speaking of the media, a man from the New York Times called for me yesterday. He left a message, and for a while I was really excited that he wanted to write something about Hot D***a. My hometown newspaper in New Jersey had published an article about Hot D***a’s Food Network appearance a few days ago and I thought perhaps The New York Times had gotten wind of it. His message, left with my business partner, simply said that he was calling for me and the he was Michael Pruscheau from the New York Times.

Well, it turns out he was just a salesman.