You may have noticed that Franktuary makes an effort not to carry beverages containing high fructose corn syrup. Instead, all our soft drinks use pure cane sugar.

Is that because we think cane sugar is just that much healthier than HFCS? Not necessarily. Our beef with HFCS is that it’s everywhere and it’s subsidized. At best, HFCS has the same benefits (sweet taste) and detriments (hazardous to health if consumed in excess) that cane sugar does. It seems ridiculous to support a product subsidized by the government when, ultimately, that subsidy enables us all to obtain more of it than we should with the greatest of ease. Heck, I’m willing to bet that half the time Americans consume HFCS they have no idea they’re doing it!

So, how much sugar is too much sugar? Opinions vary, but it seems clear to me that as a culture we’ve passed a tipping point. Here’s a great article from a recent edition of the New York Times. It supports my thinking on the subject and certainly the author, Gary Taubes, has an informed perspective worth reading.