So, I was in Canada this past weekend. When you get down to it, I think we’re really fortunate to have the nicest neighbors in the world.

What am I basing that declaration on?

A) When entering Canada, telling the border patrol man that I’m simply going to a baseball game works for him. Whereas when returning to my own country no explanation of why I want to get into the states is immune from scrutiny.
B) Canadians are unbelievably friendly and incredibly excited about the upcoming movie “Snakes on A Plane.”
C) Hot D***a has won a “Canadian Web Award.”
D) During the seventh inning stretch, professional stretchers actually lead you in a stretching routine.
E) I have no way to prove this but when you order a 20 ounce draught at the rotisserie chicken restaurant “Suisse Chalet,” I’m almost certain you get 24 ounces. That’s right, I have reason to believe 20 ounces Canadian is equal to 24 ounces American. I’m around cups all day, people. I know what I’m talking about.

In other news, our soda fountain produced smoke and fire yesterday and now it doesn’t produce anything at all. When Coca-Cola will come to fix it, nobody knows. Finally, I won’t be here next week. So, if you consider yourself my enemy, next week is a great time to come down and see what Hot D***a is all about.