Today I received a birthday gift (and a very tiny birthday card) from an “associate” of mine in California. Truth be told, my birthday is May 21, but this “associate” and I have a thing where we send each other gifts on our own birthdays. Her birthday is in early February, I believe, but as is often the case with cross-continental “associating” it’s easy for us to fall behind schedule.

Anyway, her gift to me is a game called “Pass the Pigs,” and, according to well placed sources, is popular in pubs across Europe. The reason I now own it? Well, it’s simple really. You see, at a hot dog shoppe that specializes in all-beef franks, “something needs to be done with the pork!”

The off-shoot for you is that you now have another great reason to come downtown! Come eat lunch at Hot D***a and treat yourself to a rousing game of Pass the Pigs (if you prefer to call it Swing the Swine, I don’t mind).

Gosh, things like this make life pretty great, eh? (Hockey season starts tonight.)