Are you familiar with the personal seat license concept? Basically, loyal and rabid sports fans are made to pay an exorbitant fee for the right to then buy tickets and watch games. It’s the big thing in the world of new arenas.

I’ve heard that in New York people are paying as much as $20,000 for the right to buy tickets to eight games of Jets football. Once you’ve plunked down the 20k you’re made to pay several hundred dollars per game. In Dallas folks are forking over 100 grand to pay an additional $6,000 over the span of eight Cowboys games.

Why doesn’t the restaurant industry work this way? If my customers agreed to a personal seat license of only $2,000 in the “new Franktuary,” we’d be able to open said “new Franktuary” next month! Somehow, I get the feeling that if we attempt this concept there will never be a new Franktuary and the old one will have lost most of its patronage.

Then again, if you explained the concept of a PSL to a Jets or Cowboys fan 20 years ago, they probably would have questioned your sanity. Even as a sports fan, now I’m questioning theirs.