Have you heard about Pgh Mobile Food? Pittsburgh’s food trucks are standing in solidarity, advocating for a better mobile vending code in Pittsburgh, and bringing more and more choices to you, the consumer. If you’re reading this blog there’s a pretty good chance you’re interested in what Pgh Mobile Food is seeking to accomplish.

If you agree with the following statement, visit pghmobilefood.com and sign the petition!

“Complying with the existing mobile vending code makes it difficult, if not impossible, for food truck operators to earn a living. Mobile vendors need to have access to customers to succeed, yet it appears that current laws are designed to limit the number of people a food truck operator can realistically expect to serve. I want to live in a city that encourages small business, but current food truck policy does the opposite.

As a Pittsburgh resident and consumer, I support pro-food truck reform because I desire good and plentiful dining options. Furthermore, I want my city to create a business environment that empowers entrepreneurs of all types to add value to the place I call home.”