A) In this life we can’t all own hot dog shoppes, because if we did each of us would be our only customer.

B) Prison inmates should have to grow their own food.  Theoretically, they could do this without leaving their detention facility, following the urban model Will Allen has established with Growing Power in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Furthermore, they should be allowed to keep only a percentage of what they grow.  The rest should be sold at a competitive market rate to offset per capita prisoner expenses currently paid for with public money.  Any unsold food or profits beyond inmate housing costs should be donated to food banks.

C) Perhaps we did not evolve from monkeys, but monkeys evolved from us.  After all, there was a time when we assumed the sun revolved around planet Earth.  Revolve and evolve are practically the same word, you know.  Not to mention this wouldn’t be the first time we presumptively placed ourselves in the center of a story when we had no business being there.  In addition, I’m guessing monkeys pollute less than people and, in general, are less destructive to their own habitat.  Some would argue this makes the monkey the more advanced species.

D) The cheesesteak is the most significant contribution the city of Philadelphia has made to American society.  Ben Franklin had a good run, but let’s face it, he died a long time ago.  The Liberty Bell?  It broke!  The cheesesteak, though, it’s still going strong.  People all over the United States of America associate the cheesesteak with Philadelphia and –here’s the kicker– think highly of it.  Most other things Americans connect with Philadelphia, like the Flyers, Extreme Championship Wrestling, or The Bloodhound Gang, aren’t held in high regard.  Bill Cosby, of course, is a notable exception to the rule.

E) All of the above.

Remember: If you can eliminate one choice you should guess, because my blog is scored just like the SAT.