Hello friend. Yesterday I had three meetings in the afternoon. That’s not supposed to happen when you own a hot dog shoppe.

It’s finally cold. It feels like winter. My fingers are numb when on my bike, and given the date, I’m somewhat relieved.

By the way, we’re now offering pierogies. If pierogies were popular anywhere in the United States other than Pittsburgh I think it would be just splendid to open a stand in New York’s South Street Seaport and call it “Pier 17 Pierogies.” I also think it would be mighty fine if Pier 1 Imports sold pierogies in all their stores, somewhere near the checkout.

But, alas, pierogies appear not to be very marketable outside of the Steel City. Of course, as a non-native of western PA I say “alas” more for the loss of opportunity to employ a cheesey play on words than for the opportunity to eat a cheesey pierogi in Manhattan. Don’t get me wrong, they’re not bad, I’ve just never been sure what all the fuss is about.