Last night I was at a hockey game- quite possibly the last one I’ll attend in Pittsburgh this year. In light of that, I’d like to take this opportunity to plug Pittsburgh First, the organization behind the plan that proposes a new privately financed arena in the same neighborhood that Mellon Arena is currently located. Check out their website. Consider signing the petition.

The way I see it is this. If slots are coming, here’s to having something much more useful bestowed upon the public in conjunction and for free. Like a state-of-the-art multipurpose arena!

Perhaps I’ll have the chance to attend hockey games in Pittsburgh for years to come.
Perhaps you’ll have the chance to see that band that never comes here because there’s no suitable venue.
Perhaps that person to your right will have the chance to see whatever it is that floats her boat. Like the Professional Bull Riders Rocky Boots Invitational.
Perhaps we’ll all have the opportunity to see these things in an ambience that doesn’t connote crumbling concrete and something like a 30% chance of power failure. I hope so, even if I am a Rangers fan.

This morning I was in a public restroom- quite possibly not the last time I’ll visit one in Pittsburgh this year. There was a man in one of the stalls. He had a large box labeled “frozen beef patties.” That’s really all I could see since the stall door was closed. It looked like perhaps there were lots of aerosol cans in the beef patties box.

As I was washing my hands, the man in the stall started making friendly conversation. That’s a little odd, but you know, I told him I was fine. Then, as I was leaving the commode area, he started yelling for me to come back. “Hey!” he remarked.

I thought to myself, it’s 7:45 in the morning and you’ve closed yourself in a bathroom stall with a frozen beef patties box full of unidentified objects. I don’t think I really want to do you a favor given the circumstances. I vacated the premises.