It seems only right that a city as overlooked and underrated as Pittsburgh gets to play such a significant role in our nation’s political process. It’s not every city that boasts being the official home of something as patriotic as the sausage poll, after all.

As the poll draws to a close the Barackwurst holds a commanding lead, 47-24, over the Hillbasa. With only one full day remaining prior to the Pennsylvania primary, Hillary supporters need to come out in force if there is to be any hope of her catching Barack in this snappy race.

But, you ask, what does it all mean? Well, for one, if Mr. Obama happens to win the state of Pennsylvania the sausage poll will prove to be the most accurate political predictor in all the land! Granted, he will almost definitely not win by a margin of two to one, but every other poll I’ve seen lists Mrs. Clinton as coming out on top in Pennsylvania. So, soon we’ll know whether the sausage poll has merit. We already know that it has mustard!

Additional observations: The Obama campaign enthusiastically embraced the sausage poll concept, going so far as to feature Franktuary on, while the Clinton campaign largely paid it no attention. As Franktuary is owned by two twenty-somethings this circumstance corroborates the widespread opinion that the Obama campaign is in touch with the youth of America while the Clinton campaign is focused on other demographic targets.

The big questions, of course, remain unanswered. That is to say, who will earn the right to try and take down the Hot McCainine??? Will Bob Barr force the creative minds at Franktuary to come up with a Libertarian sausage?? Does Ralph Nader even eat sausage? Stay tuned, people.