Last night I went to a political function. I’m not all that into politics, but I sure am into free food. It turns out that this particular event was the jackpot.

The event I attended was a pep rally for a woman named Georgia who is running for congress. A friend of mine does some stuff for Georgia’s campaign and asked if my business partner, Megan, and I would be willing to attend as her guests when we were done with work.

We agreed, mostly because we wanted to help her out. I had no idea that what I would be attending involved an open bar and lots of great hors d’oeuvres. Let me tell you, I was pleased as a pumpkin in a potato patch. There was roast beef wrapped around some sort of garlic cream cheese substance! I had Chilean wine. I had many other things. I think Georgia is swell.

While at this party, Megan and I met a man named Victor who plays drums in a band called “Pizazz.” After learning a bit about our backgrounds he’s come to the conclusion that we just might be the horn section he’s been searching for. We find that highly entertaining. I hope you do too. I hope he follows up. Then we can all refer to Megan as “Mrs. Fabulous.”

And, I just ate a chicken-breakfast sausage-horseradish-hot sauce-banana pepper-artichoke heart wrap. Not bad! Better to have garlic in Italy than blood in the onions, I always say.