This Tuesday is the Democratic primary in Pittsburgh. The winner of this election will almost definitely be the city’s next mayor. In light of that I went ahead and switched my voter registration from “no affiliation” to “democrat” about a month ago. In one corner, we have Bob O’Connor, the consensus favorite, and in the other corner we have Bill Peduto, a man who, in the opinion of Hot D***a, should be the consensus favorite.

Perhaps the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette puts it best in stating, “Bill Peduto, 40, was the first council member to call for Act 47 help and he’s been an advocate of deep cuts to get the budget under control. He trimmed his salary, reduced office expenses and dared to talk about privatizing trash pickup.” So, why then, in the very same article is the Post-Gazette endorsing Mr. O’Connor??? My understanding is that its because Bob “oozes” Pittsburgh pride. After all, everyone knows how we feel is much more important than what we do.

Emotion is great, but it doesn’t solve problems by itself. On top of that, I’m confident that Mr. Peduto cares about the city of Pittsburgh every bit as much as does Mr. O’Connor. Clearly, the way the city has operated in recent years is not a model that should continue to be followed. It shouldn’t take much to realize that more than anything this city needs to implement new ideas. Those are something Mr. O’Connor seems to lack, while Mr. Peduto has an abundance of new and practical concepts. Mr. O’Connor simply believes that all we need to do is “professionalize” our city’s government. What on earth does that mean???

Check out their websites (listed below) and draw your own conclusion. Then, if you’re eligible, vote for Peduto on May 17!