With elections yesterday, politics are clearly the order of the day. This begs the question, “If Franktuary ran for mayor would Pittsburgh be a better place?”

One thing is certain, if elected, Franktuary would advocate less forms and paperwork for all tax paying entities and individuals. It would also support lunch. After all, nutritionists say that lunch should be the largest meal of the day.

Some other things Franktuary might do:
10) Serve frankfurters from City Hall.
9) Create a suggested reading list for all interested citizens.
8) Have the city of Pittsburgh officially acknowledge a Soup of the Day.
7) Overhaul mobile food vending regulations.
6) Reform condiment waste.
5) Raise awareness about local foods and organic farming.
4) Support a woman’s right to choose sauerkraut.
3) Stand up for small businesses (see this link).
2) Require residents to practice mental math and learn a vocabulary word every morning.
1) Replace 311 with a city wide zip-line. Hey, it works in the kitchen!

Take heart. 2013 isn’t so far away.