Okay, so the sausage poll proved not to be an accurate predictor of how the state of Pennsylvania voted in the recently held democratic presidential primary. However, it is interesting to note that it was accurate within 2% of the actual vote in the 1st Ward of Pittsburgh, where Franktuary is located. The sausage poll recorded the Barackwurst as receiving 69.5% of the vote and the real Mr. Obama received 67.7% of votes cast in the first ward.

Clearly, if the democratic party takes the initiative to provide funding for Franktuarys to exist all over the nation, their politicians will no longer need to run expensive and combative campaigns. Instead, the party can simply encourage people everywhere to buy the sausage of their preference and go with the results. It’s a foolproof system that makes at least as much sense as one that employs superdelegates bestowed with the ability to overrule the will of the American people. Plus, the sausage system is good for small business!

In other news, someone attempted to break into Franktuary last night. We now have a wooden board where a window used to be. Fortunately no harm beyond that.