Hello, hello. Did you know that I own a large amount of slippers? Probably not. People like to give me slippers for Christmas, which isn’t a bad thing at all. Here are all the slippers I own along with the year I acquired them.

1) Memory foam slippers – Christmas 2006
2) Soft-bottom moccasins – Christmas 2004
3) Slippers with microwavable inserts – Christmas 2004
4) Moccasins with rubber soles – Christmas 2001
5) Fuzzy black cat slippers from ShoeTown (now defunct) in Springfield, NJ – 1989 (They were a bit large at the time.)
6) Glass slippers – 1996
7) Ruby slippers – Chrismas 1993

Okay, so I made those last two up. Nonetheless, I sure do wish the Allegheny County Health Department would allow me to wear my extensive slipper collection to work!