Perhaps by now you’ve figured out that our previous blog entry ended up being a bit premature. But, really, there’s nothing we could have done differently. Soon enough, we hope it will speak the truth.

In December we tested our food truck multiple times to make sure all our kitchen systems were in working order. We then coordinated a Groupon to correspond with the relaunch of our currently engineless truck stationed on the South Side. We arrived at the truck Monday morning ready to start a new chapter in its life. We then discovered that the propane regulator had failed sometime between our last test run and our anticipated relaunch.

The good news is no one was hurt and the truck did not explode amidst a mass of towering flames! The bad news is we are now waiting on a part and, yet again, won’t be using our truck until further notice.

As we wait, I’m offering this special offer to blog readers only. Recently I tried bikram yoga, also known as “hot yoga,” for the first time. The basic gist is that an individual does yoga in a 104 degree room for longer than he would ever consider sane if he wasn’t paying money for the experience.

We have a storage room that is uncomfortably warm, even during the coldest months of the year. If a person wears a winter coat while spending more than 15 seconds in this room, he finds himself feeling a lot like he does in a bikram yoga room. This is verified fact, people, not some cockamamie claim! Folks pay BIG money for an experience I can provide you with as a throw in when you come to Franktuary for lunch.

So, visit us downtown, tell our cashier “I’m here for the hot stuff,” (inflection matters!) and I will grant you exclusive free access to our back storage room. You can engage in your own private “bikram” session prior to lunch or at a date to be determined later. You can even borrow my Rodney Yee DVD, but you’re on your own when it comes to a towel and mat.

Now getting back to that truck… If all goes well we should be ready to re-relaunch sometime next week. Eventually, I promise that there will be content on this blog of both a factual AND useful nature!