Today I write to you as a frustrated small business owner.

Yesterday I installed my new propane regulator and tested all the systems on the truck over the course of about 30 minutes. There were no problems. It did, however, take me 90 minutes to get from the South Side to my home in Lawrenceville because of the weather.  A long commute, but worth it to make sure that things would run smoothly today, the day that was slated to mark the beginning of our truck selling from the South Side on a regular basis.  In fact, this was the second day this month slated for just such a purpose as we previously had to postpone when our old regulator unexpectedly failed.

So, this morning were all systems go?  Of course not!  Instead, we discovered that propane is now leaking from a seam in our steam table, which it wasn’t doing at all yesterday. An entirely different problem (maybe we need to find a welder?) that has, once again, shut us down indefinitely.

It’s possible that our new regulator is allowing too much propane into the truck and this has caused the leak. But that seems unlikely since we were careful about what regulator to install and ended up with the exact same model and part number that we previously used. On top of that, if anything was off during my test run yesterday it was that not enough propane was feeding into our equipment.  Today, however, the pilot light of our deep fryer looked like it had become an unabashed steroid user and would soon be summoned to congress by Senator Mitchell.  I mean, seriously, the pilot light was solid blue flame at least three times it’s normal length and I created several medium sized fire balls while working with it.  Though our grill seems to be running just fine, a leak through metal piping and a deep fryer in overdrive sounds like an issue of too much propane to me!

So, we will persevere, but the truck is closed until further notice.

The important thing for YOU to remember is that we’re still open downtown!  And if you know a lot about propane systems (or diesel truck engines), please contact us!