It’s a great feeling when you think you have something on your to do list only to discover that someone else has already completed your task for you. Especially when that someone else has done a better job than you likely would have.

Thanks to Mark’s Daily Apple and guest author Denise Minger, that’s the happy reality I just experienced. For those of you who have bought into the latest red meat scare do yourself a favor and follow this link.

For those of you who want to cut to the chase, know this. Collectively our society has bastardized the vast majority of the red meat we consume and now we use that very same meat (as well as any and all other red meat) as a scapegoat for our health problems. This is a disturbingly stupid thought process.

It’s as if I were to take my favorite album, intentionally damage it, and then blame the band that recorded it for the resulting poor sound quality. Then, depending on my personality, I either continue to listen to the damaged recording while complaining that it harms my ears or assume that all bands are bad and refuse to listen to any music ever again. Ladies and gentlemen, this is the relationship the collective American conscience has with red meat and it makes no sense! If ever there was a time to understand why Franktuary offers grass-fed beef, this is it.