Guess what? Sales tax is due tomorrow!

Sales tax is not a bad concept. As far as taxes go, it’s one of my favorites.

Nonetheless, every month I collect money for the government and hand it over, free of charge. Literally, on days when I make a payment, I spend part of my work day as what amounts to a government volunteer. If I pay late I get to pay extra fees. That’s okay with me, really, it is.

It’s just that if the situation were reversed, do you really believe the picture would be symmetrical?

I don’t, not for one moment.

After all, if an individual is owed money after filing his taxes, does he receive a check from the government with interest included? Certainly not! You can bet that if you make a late tax payment you’ll be paying interest to Uncle Sam. Ergo, I’m certain that if for some reason Uncle Sam decided to collect money on my behalf he’d demand to take a cut.

Do unto others…