My Apple laptop, we’ll call it “ol’ reliable,” is back in the shop. This time the CD-drive is out of commission. Without a doubt, my Apple is one of the more overrated products I’ve ever purchased. Not terrible, because when things work correctly it’s a computer I enjoy using more than any other I’ve ever owned. Just highly, highly, overrated because too often it doesn’t work like it should.

Unfortunately, I’m not sure there’s a better alternative out there. There are certainly less expensive options, though.

Why pay a premium price when you can purchase the likelihood of multiple hardware failures and frustrating customer service for approximately half the cost? Heck, those other companies will even throw in high susceptibility to viruses at no additional cost. Fortunately, my warranty extends a few more months. That said, Apple is giving me plenty to think about for when it comes time to buy a new machine…

So, all that is to say a special thanks is in order to my business partner for updating this blog yesterday and leaving me her computer this afternoon so I’m able to do so today.

Hopefully, I’ll be typing from my own computer again soon. Meanwhile, swing by this web page and cast a vote for Franktuary as having Pittsburgh’s best hot dogs if you haven’t already!