As the Buccos approach a record-setting 17th consecutive losing season, you can console yourself with the fact that both the Steelers and Penguins are mere weeks away from beginning their respective title defenses.

Of course, any sane person knows that the best part of Steelers season has nothing to do with winning SuperBowls or hanging out with friends on Sunday afternoons. It’s all about the Roethlisfurter and Polamalunesian. These two delectable dogs are only available during football season and are half-price the day after any Steelers victory. If I may be so bold, I believe they’re the very reason Pittsburgh has such a long standing love affair with its gridiron heroes.*

Sadly, Franktuary offers no seasonal franks with a Penguin theme. If you have suggestions, send them our way! As for the Pirates, well, until they cross that impenetrable .500 divide, they’ll have to wait to be immortalized in sausage format.

*See previous post about balogna, spelled phonetically.