Sunday morning I woke up with a lump on my left cheek. It was too big to be a zit, so being the curious person I am, I prodded it. Subsequently, it bled profusely. Now I have a lump on my left cheek highlighted by a small scab on its crest. My friend thinks it’s a spider bite. I like that story.

Now, for a change, some useful information. This Friday, November 18, is “Light Up Night” in downtown Pittsburgh and Hot D***a will be open late! That’s right, our doors won’t be closed until 8 pm. All of you folks who tell us you want to visit our shoppe but can never make it downtown when we’re open, well, this is a great opportunity to come check us out!

If that weren’t incentive enough, as part of the Light Up Night festivities, two of our good friends, Brad Yoder and Kathryn O’Leary will be giving musical performances in our shoppe. Brad will be playing here during our lunch rush, and Kathryn will be on stage from 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm.

So, come on down and “light up” our cash register.