As some of you may know, I’m a fairly big Yankees fan. So, what am I doing tonight, the first evening of the big Yankees vs. Red Sox series that will decide who wins the AL East? Going to the Pirates game of course!

Wait, I’m confused. Well, no I’m not, but maybe you are.

My dad, who was born blocks away from the House That Ruth Built, is in town visiting me this weekend. He’s visited me several times in the past but never while the Pirates have been home, and he specifically scheduled this visit so we could see them play at PNC Park. Don’t get me wrong, we’ll enjoy ourselves, but I have the feeling we’ll be watching the out of town scoreboard a little more closely than we’ll be following the Buccos!

No matter what game we end up paying more attention to, there’s a pretty good chance I’ll enjoy a hot dog at the ballpark. Of course, I’d enjoy it a lot more if it was a delicious Boar’s Head all-beef frank from Hot D***a instead of the Silverstar standard that has a strangle hold across the Steel City;).