The Annual Pennsylvania Restaurant and Foodservice Show hit Pittsburgh yesterday and is currently going on in full force. For two days the convention center is filled with food and beverage suppliers who want you, the restaurant owner, to carry their product. So, they let you try everything for free.

It’s a glorious event, but I didn’t fare all that well. In fact, I was downright disappointed with my performance. I don’t think I made it through more than a 1/4 of the convention center floor without filling up. I’m actually embarrassed to have to report this to you. Maybe it was the deep fried pickle that I ate.

In any case, I tried a glass of shiraz made by Houghton. It was very good. I also got to speak with Pat, the world’s greatest ice cream sales account manager. This woman is amazing. She’s giving us all the left over ice cream from the show, and she insists that I call her before I next go to a baseball game in Cleveland, her hometown.

In other news, I got the bill for my purchased-new-less-than-two-years-ago, broken (and subsequently fixed) refrigerator today… it only cost 120% more than the estimate we we’re given! Why bother giving an estimate at all, you know? At least the thing works again.

Tomorrow is a very special day. I’m hoping I sneeze 10 times tonight to make it all the more momentous. See you then.