This afternoon a slightly disheveled gentleman exhanged five dollars in change, mostly quarters, for a $5 bill. We at Hot D***a can always use quarters because the parking meters outside our store only accept the little buggers. One quarter gets you a bountiful 7.5 minutes of legal parking. Needless to say quarters are in high demand downtown.

Furthermore, most retail establishments downtown refuse to trade their quarters for $1 bills. They also tend not to let people with shoddy outward appearances into their venue for any reason. Of course, no one has ever claimed Hot D***a to be typical. So, as you might guess, we do even currency exchanges with anyone who requests such a transaction, whenever possible.

It’s an urban ecosystem in action! The wealthy people of Pittsburgh give the homeless downtowners their spare change. The spare change comes to Hot D***a in exchange for a larger bill. The wealthy people realize they need to park, but have no change. They come into Hot D***a and exchange a larger bill for a combination of smaller notes and four quarters. Some of those four quarters are quite possibly the very same quarters they dropped in a cup the last time they were downtown.

Logically, then, Hot D***a is the economic linchpin of downtown Pittsburgh, and arguably the very hub around which the wheel of commerce in western Pennsylvania revolves. 135.:)