The G-20 is back at it, severely inconveniencing the daily lives of the good people of Toronto this time around.  In Pittsburgh the G-20 accomplished nothing useful while crippling any number of small businesses, including my own.  Sour grapes you may say, but I’m hardly the only person who thinks this way.  I can only hope that Toronto fares better than did we.

Don’t take my word for it, though.  Read the thoughts of conservative columnist David Frum.

Then consider that seconds his opinion.  If those two sources are in agreement, then shouldn’t you hear them out?

Furthermore, the Canadian Press has found it worthwhile to interview Pittsburgh business owners about the disaster that was the G-20 Summit in western Pennsylvania.

Well, friends, Franktuary is not yet finished with its G-20 experience.  The bitter lemons forced upon us by the heavy hand of international government have yet to be made into lemonade.  But, oh, how those lemons are ripening.  Plans are in the works to appropriately observe the one year anniversary of Pittsburgh’s G20 debacle.  And after reading these articles, we might just be able to round up some international partners.  More on this topic when the time is right.